These are our most commonly asked questions; browse through the different categories to get a quick answer to one of these questions you may have!



Do you have a minimum?

Yes, we do. because we work with so many projects, we have a $5000 minimum.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do! your project can be paid in 3 separate payments.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do!

Is my deposit refundable?

It is not.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are determined on a project-to-project basis!

Why do you keep my card on file?

your card is kept on file for the final payment. This makes making your final payment easier for you and for houston stair. you won’t have to worry about your payment coming out on time. once you have approved the outcome of your stair, we will process your final payment through your card on file and then terminate your credit card information once your project is finished and the final payment is processed.

Do you have a warranty?

WE do! We offer a one-year warranty on your project.


What’s the best way to contact you?

Visit our contact Us page to get started! fill out our detailed project form so that we can quickly evaluate if your project is a good fit for both parties and get you your free quote!

Can I stop by your office?

We would love to talk to you in person, but a meeting with us at our office is by appointment only.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not, but we have some samples of our most popular offerings available. we also have a wide array of our projects listed on our website; make sure to check them out here!

Do you work outside the Houston area?

We absolutely do! we work pretty far out, including nearby metro areas, everything in between and beyond! fill out our form on the contact us page to see if we can work in your location!

When can you start on my project?

our lead time fluctuates, but we are almost always 2-5 weeks out from starting new projects depending on the project . this lead time is based on when your project contract is signed and the project deposit is received.

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for on your website?

No problem! More than likely if you cna’t find what you’re looking for, it’s because you have an awesome idea for your new stair! fill out our contact us form so that we can get you started!

Can I add to/change my contract once it's been signed?

Absolutely! we have a fee to create a change order for your project, but we meet with you in person twice and extensively go through your contract and contract items before you sign so that you know exactly what you are receiving with your project.

What if I'm not ready for you to install by my project due date?

We understand that sometimes things come up, and you may not be ready for us to come and install on your due date; unfortunately, if this happens, we have to reschedule your project and squeeze you into our schedule as soon as we can. this means that you will be fit in when we have a space to come install your project. we schedule projects up to 2 months in advance, so it’s important that we try to meet your installation dates.


Do you offer demolition?

this depends on the project.

Do you offer welding?


Do you repair sheetrock?


Do you stain/finish?

We do not paint, stain or finish wood products.

Do you paint?

as a stair company, we do not offer painting services; we offer high-end, quality stair and railing.


I want new wooden balusters in my home; is that something you offer?

WE DO NOT offer wooden baluster placement.

I want wood railing; do you offer this?

Yes, we do!

 Do you swap balusters?

We do not offer baluster swaps.

Do you offer cable railing?

Yes we sure do! We love a good cable railing project! Visit our cable railing page to view our work!

I bought a cable railing system online; can you put it together?

Unfortunately, we cannot. our cable railing systems are made uniquely for each project, using high quality materials and craftsmanship. we are unable to work with a pre-purchased system, as these systems often do not meet code, have parts missing, are not sized for your stair space and do not use quality materials.

I want glass railing; is that something you can do?

Heck yeah! We specialize in glass railing and would be happy to partner with you! Check out our past glass railing projects and contact us to get started!

Can I have something like your HGTV glass railing?

Absolutely! Though every glass project we do is different, we will still provide you with the same quality and beautiful product that we do with every project!

What if I want something unconventional?

We love unconventional! we enjoy testing our abilities and making your dreams come true! contact us to see how we can partner with you!

Do you construct spiral staircases?

Yes, we do! We love a good spiral staircase. Check out our awesome and revolutionary tornado stair; a one-of-a-kind spiral!

Can you put glass, iron or cable railing on my balcony?

We can! not only do we offer railing on stairs but balconies and other locations as well!

Do you offer railing outdoors?

We do! when it comes to railing outside, sometimes there are certain actions that need to be taken before we can install, such as drilling through tile or concrete. We do not drill porcelain tile, so this would need to be done before we install.

Can you construct floating staircases?

We sure can, and love it!

Do you build monostringers?

 Yes we do; monostringers are a Houston Stair favorite.

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